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Rise of the Creators: Why B2B Marketing is Hiring Creators, Evangelists, and Audience Builders

Maybe it's just us, but there seems to be a growing trend of B2B companies hiring in-house evangelists, content creators, community builders, and influencers. It's their job to build a personal brand, grow online followings, host shows and podcasts, and represent their company.

Vidyard's done it. So have Airmeet, Sendoso, and Lavender. And we're here to spill the beans! We discuss why our brands are investing in these roles, how to identify the right type of evangelist or creator for your own business, how to maximize the value of these unique individuals, and how to connect these personal brands to business demand.

If you're considering elevating your content program, investing in a media strategy, building a community, or just expanding brand awareness, tune in.