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Boost Your Productivity and 2x Sales as an AE or BDR: Tips, Tech, and Proven Habits

Learn practical tips to 2x your sales results without burning out.

Three-time top Salesforce influencer and WSJ best-selling author Marcus Chan shares his proven strategies for achieving more sales with less effort. Discover how to focus on the power of modern tech with proven habits for streamlining your work and increasing your productivity.

Marcus teaches you how to identify time-wasting activities and prioritize high-leverage tasks and will introduce you to simple tech hacks like video emails, free "underground" Chrome extensions, and more that can help you achieve better results in less time. He covers other simple hacks that will cost you zero dollars but has been responsible for helping him hit and exceed his quota 13 consecutive years in a row (100-250%+) and will show you how these hacks can help you prioritize tasks, manage distractions, and reduce stress.