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From Polished to Personal: Top Trends Reshaping Video in B2B Marketing

TikToks, explainers, and podcasts, oh my! Regarding B2B video, we're not in Content Kansas anymore. And when you throw in generative AI tools, things get even more enjoyable.

With demand for video content rising on all channels, not to mention a macro shift from more polished to more personal, where do you go next? What types of videos should your B2B marketing team focus on, and how should they create them? Are you going to hire more producers, creators, or your best friend's niece who recently blew up on TikTok?

The opportunities for video in B2B marketing have never been more immense...but how we best take advantage of the latest trends isn't entirely clear. Join a diverse set of B2B video production leaders to learn how their content strategies have evolved in recent years and where they're placing their bets in the years ahead.