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Innovative Ways to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Build More Pipeline

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Personalizing sales outreach in a meaningful yet scalable way remains a major challenge for many sellers today. But fear not! Sales development legend Nikki Ivey is here to share the latest tips, tricks, and under-utilized hacks for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to personalize like a pro and unlock more sales pipeline.

Learn how to use the latest capabilities in LinkedIn Sales Navigator to personalize your outreach with the best message at the best time and how to set up Sales Navigator to do the hard work for you.

Contents of this Video

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Starting your work day in Sales Navigator
3:03 How has Sales Navigator changed
5:26 A day in the life using Sales Navigator
9:17 Translate learnings into meaningful engagements
11:42 Identifying buyer intent in Sales Navigator
16:22 Taking action on intent data
19:15 What triggers should you be looking at
22:47 The old way vs. the new way of thinking
24:52 Final tips for using Sales Navigator