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The Most Influential Women in Sales Share Their Top Tactics, Tips, and More

πŸš€ Unlocking Success in a Challenging Sales Landscape 🌍

In this Fast Forward session, we've rounded up some of the top minds in sales and do a deep dive of what's changing and the tried and true (plus a few you haven't heard of) tactics that will guarantee to unstick your deals and win more.

πŸ“ˆ Key Trends We Uncover:

The challenge of navigating the complex buying landscape.
The crucial role of champions in modern sales.
How buyers prioritize trust and direct experience.
Strategies to help sellers adapt to changing buyer preferences.
The importance of personalization and preparedness.
Facing the challenges of volume versus personalized selling.
Creating an effective onboarding process for sales teams.

πŸ”‘ Key Points Covered: πŸ”‘
0:00 Biggest trends and changes in the sales landscape
0:35 Difficulties reps see navigating the changing sales landscape
3:51 Why focusing on the buyer's experience is so crucial and how to do it effectively
6:20 Tried and true sales tactics that lead to success
9:19 Common challenges salespeople face and how to overcome them
10:45 What’s the most challenging sale you’ve faced, and what did you learn?
14:52 What KPIs should sales teams be monitoring?
15:42 What sales enablement, training, and onboarding do you employ for your sales team?
18:32 What is the future of sales, and how do we prepare for it?

πŸŽ™οΈ Meet Our Expert Panel:

Christina Brady - A seasoned sales professional with a focus on early-stage deals.
Reva Pellerin - The mastermind behind the transformative power of video in sales.
Krysten Conner - A sales strategist with a focus on the buyer
Shari Levitin - Your host and sales trainer extraordinaire

Don't miss this dynamic discussion on the future of sales and how you can prepare for success in this rapidly evolving landscape. Discover the strategies, tactics, and KPIs that can propel your sales efforts to new heights.