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Embracing AI While Remaining Human

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In a world that's about to get eaten by AI, what's more, important for sellers? Is it embracing the robots or being more human than ever?

The answer is both. The most successful sellers of tomorrow will learn to unleash their creativity, personalities, curiosity, and customer empathy while using AI to work smarter and scale that human connection.

Join 15x author, speaker, and sales acceleration trainer Jeb Blount who discusses the intersection of AI and sales, the importance of leaning into your humanity, and what skills will be most critical for sellers in the years ahead.

0:00 The State of Prospecting
3:14 Where AI Can Play a Role in Supporting Sellers
17:15 The Potential for AI to Help Us Optimize Our Time and Identify Low-Hanging Fruit
24:07 The Importance of the Human Side and Face-to-Face Time with Customers
28:40 How to Activate Your Sales People to Connect More
32:37 Humans vs. Robots
33:31 How to Get Your Prospects to Meet with You
37:31 How the Law of Familiarity Helps You Connect
41:14 Closing Thoughts: Learn the Tech that Makes Sense for You