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SalesTech Enablement: Strategies for Deploying Video, Direct Mail, Automation and More

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Successfully deploying new SalesTech across your team and can be tough. But, even if it's the best tech out there, if your reps don't embrace it and see early success, adoption falls flat, and the results won't come.

So how can you successfully roll out new tools like video, direct mail, meeting automation, and more in a way that maximizes adoption and delivers quick time-to-value, all while being a remote or hybrid workforce? Leaders in sales enablement from Sendoso, Corporate Traveler, PatientPop, and Chili Piper share their tips and secrets to get your sales teams onboard with new technology.

Contents of this video

0:00 Introduction
0:26 What Does Sales Enablement Look like at Your Organization?
1:37 What Type of Technology Does Your Team Use and Why?
5:22 What Drives You to Purchase a Tech Tool to Begin with, and How Do You Go About That Process Internally?
8:04 How Much per Person Should You Be Spending in Tech Stack Each Year?
9:15 How Do You Drive Adoption of New Technology on Your Sales Team?
11:13 How Does the Employee Onboarding Process Relate to the Overall Adoption of New Technology?
12:13 How Do You Measure Benchmarks?