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Video Creation Tools and Tips for Everyone

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In this video, inbound evangelist, George B Thomas demystifies the video creation process. He shares all the tools and tips he uses on a daily basis to not only grow thought leadership, community, and leads but revenue as well. If you're ready for a simple solution when it comes to creating amazing videos that will produce positive ROI, be sure to check it out.

00:25 Change your mentality about the video creation process
01:11 You need to believe in yourself and the content you create
01:59 Create content based on what people are asking about
03:44 What video gear do I need to create great content
04:29 Use the tools you have on hand to get started with video
05:37 Video is about starting a conversation and building relationships
0:5:52 Save time on production by keeping your recording setup in place
0:6:54 Quality of video is always greater than the quantity of video