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How to Hook and Influence Your Viewers: Advanced Video Email Communication Techniques

World-renowned body language expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author Mark Bowden shares take your video messages to the next level based on the science of behavioral economics. (Don't worry, there's no math required.)

When it comes to using video, it's about so much more than just what you say. Your body language, intonation, energy, tone, eye line, movement, background, and more greatly impact how your viewers perceive you, how they process your message, and whether or not they decide to stick around for the call to action.

This video is for anyone in sales or marketing looking to level up their on-camera communication skills. Skills you'll walk away with a clear understanding of include the following:

How to best set up your video recording space and make the most of your background
How to deliver your message in a way that creates curiosity and drives action
Why body language, movement, and eye line are so important, and how to master them
Little-known tricks for hooking your viewers and maximizing uptake on your CTA