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History of How Salespeople Ruined Everything

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Salespeople Ruin Everything: Lessons from the Past to Guide Us in the Now

Today, all the rage is around optimizing our sales stacks, but are we actually using them to create a more engaging and effective buying journey? Or are we just using them to scale what doesn't actually work that well?

Join Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale and host of the Sales History podcast, for a journey back in time to explore the early days of 'modern' selling when sales was still a profession that was trusted and admired. Explore how technology impacted the effectiveness and perception of sales, and how to use tech today to create a better experience for your buyers.

--- Contents of this Video ---

0:00 - History of how salespeople ruined everything
2:49 - Three ways to approach buyer’s with technology
8:20 - Using video to remove friction in buyer's journey
10:00 - Key takeaways