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How To Identify Red Flags in Your Sales Process

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How to Identify 'Red Flag Moments' Where Using Video Will Accelerate Sales

Are you seeing red flags in your sales process? No need to panic—here’s how to turn those red flags green.

Todd Hartley, the rockstar of remote selling, will teach you his tips and tricks for identifying those “red flag moments” during your sales process. He’ll show you how to utilize video to overcome those red flags, as well as other common prospect objections. Find out how to use videos to create clarity, change perspectives, and quickly build consensus with key stakeholders.

--- Contents of this Video ---

0:00 - Intro
1:43 - Being a responsible communicator
2:41 - Real-life example of identifying red flags
3:15 - Vidyard video creation decision tree
5:11 - The power of ‘yes’
6:23 - The dual coding theory of education
7:35 - When do red flags happen?
8:21 - Top five red flags
16:12 - How to handle common objections
17:45 - Conclusion