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Prospecting Tips for Boosting Effectiveness and Efficiency

Prospecting with Video: Top Prospectors Reveal Their Tips for Boosting Effectiveness and Efficiency

Personalized videos can help you stand out with prospects and book more meetings. And with the right approach, they can also help you be more efficient with your time, enabling you to do more with less! But being successful with video takes more than just pressing record and writing someone's name on a whiteboard.

Join some of the most successful video prospectors to learn how they use video in their own outbound efforts to crush their quotas. From highly targeted one-to-one videos to pre-recorded content to support outbound campaigns, learn what works for them and how they scale their efforts to send hundreds of videos every month.

Walk away with:
- New ideas for how to use video for outbound prospecting
- Tips for how to scale your use of video efficiently
- Sample video templates, email subject lines, and more