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How Video Templates and Killer Cadences Can Save Your Deal Cycle

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The right sales cadence can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with more prospects and booking more meetings. Jordan Leuvoy, Enterprise Account Executive from Salesloft, and Vidyard’s video sales specialist Chris van Praag cover the importance of an omnichannel outbound strategy plus, Jordan's view on why "pleasant persistence" is the key to breaking through to buyers and booking more meetings.

Video messaging is an important part of any successful cadence, and you'll walk away with Salesloft's proven outbound cadence, including the video templates your team will need to succeed.

Get the full cadence template to use in your own outreach:

Contents of this video
0:00 Introduction
0:33 The Importance of an Omni-Channel Outreach Approach
1:00 Cadence Steps 1 & 2 - Cold Call and Email
5:20 Cadence Step 3 - LinkedIn Connect
5:47 Cadence Steps 4 & 5 - Phone Call and Email
6:39 Cadence Step 6 - Video Email
7:40 Cadence Step 7 - Phone Call + Voicemail
8:57 Cadence Step 8 - LinkedIn Engage
9:56 Cadence Steps 9 & 10 - Voicemail and Email
11:08 Cadence Step 11 - New Email Thread
11:52 Cadence Step 12 - Phone Call
12:20 Cadence Step 13 - Email
13:08 Cadence Step 14 - End of Cadence Action
13:54 Bonus: Cut Meeting No-Shows with a Pre-Meeting Touchpoint Video