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Selling with Video: 3 Secrets to Leverage Video to Outmaneuver the Competition

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Discover why video selling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, what types of sales videos to make, when to use video, and more.

It’s no secret potential buyers are more honest, agreeable, and willing to trust you face-to-face versus by email or phone. But in today’s remote work world, this isn't always possible. Effective videos create buy-in during each stage of the buyer's journey and enable you to build relationships with stakeholders who may never join a live call or Zoom meeting. Sales expert Shari Levitin, author of Heart and Sell, shares her top tips for better connecting with buyers through video.

Contents of this video
0:00 Introduction
7:36 Why use video in your sales process
10:36 Where and when to use video
14:03 The million-dollar video framework
17:55 How to use the framework
21:44 Video dos and don'ts
24:24 Recap and Conclusion