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Multi-Threading: Run These Foolproof Plays to Increase Win Rates by 25%+

78% of reps are single-threaded on deals (LinkedIn). It’s the #1 reason why most sellers lose big deals.

When you engage five or more stakeholders in the deal, your chances of closed/won increases by 25% (UserGems). Multi-threading is THE key to winning larger deals faster, but these conversations are awkward. Buyers are reluctant to introduce you to power.

Here's the key: Show your buyer why it's in their best interest to involve others—they'll get a much better outcome from your solution. Learn how to do it in this session.

Sales trainer Jason Bay, account executive Krysten Conner, and sales explorer Chris van Praag host this dynamic discussion on how to multi-thread. Learn how to make sure you're never single-threaded or stuck below the power line in a deal ever again.