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How to Accelerate, and Close Large Deals with Video

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As more people started working from home, buying committees became more spread out and more difficult to navigate. The time of hopping on a plane to deliver a slide deck to a room full of people and then asking for the order is over. Now it's normal to engage 8-12 people remotely and influence more like 30, many of whom are in different timezones and unable (or uninterested) to join a Zoom call.

And that's when Thomas Buchanan discovered the real power of personalized videos. After leaning into this method, close rates have quadrupled. Yep, they are up 4x!

Join expert seller, Thomas Buchanan, to learn how he's transformed his sales process into a digital-first and video-first approach to engaging key accounts. From prospecting right through to proposals, Thomas uses custom videos to earn the attention of key prospects, to clearly demonstrate his products and services, to create moments of connection, and, most importantly, to ensure every stakeholder at each account has gotten to know him personally, whether or not he's ever met them. Walk away with inspiring new ideas for using video in your sales process to boost your close rates, grow your deal sizes, and unlock more upsell opportunities.

Contents of this video
0:00 Introduction
2:25 Prospecting Video Examples
3:50 Conversion Video Examples
5:45 Expanding Video Examples
8:06 The $700k Sales Video