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The 5 B2B Video Benchmarks You Need to Know: Exclusive Findings from Vidyard's Benchmark Report

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In this video, Vidyard's own Tyler Lessard breaks down the essential findings and video benchmarks from our annual Video in Business Benchmark Report, including analyzing the growth and usage of video across various industries and business verticals. Plus, how top sales and marketing pros are leveraging more user-generated videos to engage prospects and clients effectively.

You'll also learn essential tips on using video to create clarity and educate your audience while keeping your videos engaging and easy to consume. We'll also unveil benchmarks for ideal video lengths and viewer retention, helping you tailor your content for maximum impact.

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0:00 Introducing the 2023 Vidyard Video in Business Benchmark Report
0:36 Key Finding #1: Video Creation Continues to Grow
3:01 Video Creation Trends and Benchmarks by Industry
5:30 Key Finding #2: Video Benchmarks and Trends for Sellers
8:47 Key Finding #3: Video Marketing Trends and Benchmarks
10:30 Key Finding #4: Benchmarks for Video Length
11:56 Key Finding #5: Viewer Retention Benchmarks