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Humanizing Your Sales Process: Top Video Sellers Spill All Their Secrets

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Video plays a bigger role than ever in today's increasingly virtual sales process. Custom videos have emerged as the perfect way to humanize the buying journey, from personal introductions to tailored demos, detailed updates, and even proposals.

Learn how some of the top sales reps embraced video to scale their sales efforts and create the best possible experience for their buyers. Find out what types of videos they've found most effective and discover how they developed their video creation confidence.

--- Contents of this Video ---

0:00 - Intro
0:17 - Top concerns when starting with video
3:54 - What's your framework when making videos?
6:26 - Video opener ideas
7:25 - Three ways to use video beyond top of funnel
9:33 - Finding balance in your videos
10:27 - How to get over ‘imperfect’ videos
11:19 - Four tips on sales video length