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Creative Prospecting: How to Use Videos, GIFs, and Rhymes to Win More Deals

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News flash: you’re selling to real humans who want to feel connected, appreciated, and understood! They like to smile, love to laugh, and tend to trust real people who are authentic, creative, and approachable. So why do we still prospect like we’re on a robot dating show?

Join top-performing Enterprise Business Development Manager Kayla Cytron-Thaler as she pulls back the curtain on how she uses GIFs, videos, and other irresistible content to stand out from the crowd and beat quota every single quarter. Learn how to become “comfortable in the uncomfortable” and walk away with at least 7 new eye-opening (and mind-blowing) ideas for how to mix up your outbound prospecting in 2021 to create real human connection in a digital world.

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