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Build a Digital Sales Room with Kevin Dorsey

#DigitalSalesRooms are the next big sales thing. They bring sellers and buyers together in one space, where everyone can access all the resources they need to keep the deal rolling. (No more digging through email threads or playing phone tag with stakeholders.)

Sounds like a dream, right? Award-winning sales coach Kevin Dorsey will show you how to get started with your own virtual sales rooms with Vidyard Rooms so you can start making your workday easier ASAP.

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0:00: Introduction
0:30 How Can Sellers Get the Most Value from Video
2:22 How Has the Use of Video for Sales Evolved
5:07 Perspective on Digital Sales Rooms
6:48 How to Set Up a Digital Sales Room with Vidyard
7:34 Set Up a New Room
8:50 Update Your About Section
10:39 Add Video Resources to the Deal Room
14:05 The Benefit of Including a Welcome Video
14:33 Other Types of Video to Include in the Deal Room
15:30 Adding Other Types of Resources to the Deal Room
17:00 Everything in One Place for Your Buyers
18:05 Securing a Digital Sales Room
19:15 Sharing a Vidyard Room
22:25 Parting Tip from KD