Fast Forward is your chance to get ahead with your video strategy. Hear from the brightest minds in the industry to learn more about selling, marketing, and thriving with video in our new digital reality.

Hands-On Virtual Selling Training with SKALED

The Fast Forward Afterparty: Hands-On Virtual Selling Training with SKALED

At Fast Forward, you learned the high-level strategy and concepts to inspire you to start using video for sales. Wondering where to go from here? This is the post-event workshop for you!

Join sales trainer extraordinaire Jake Dunlap from Skaled Consulting, who will provide hands-on training on using video successfully across your entire sales cycle. Learn how to create prospecting videos that connect and follow-up videos that save you a ton of time. Plus, get an inside look at all the Vidyard features that can turn you (and your team) into highly efficient video selling machines.