Fast Forward is your chance to get ahead with your video strategy. Hear from the brightest minds in the industry to learn more about selling, marketing, and thriving with video in our new digital reality.

Sales Enablement

Your sales reps are working from home. You've rolled out video conferencing tools, and are now deploying a solution like Vidyard to empower them to record and send custom videos to prospects and clients. What could go wrong?

The shift to video-first remote selling can be daunting for many sales reps. While tools like Zoom and Vidyard are easy to use, many struggle with how to use them effectively, how to be their best selves on camera, and how to leverage the creative, visual, and personal nature of video to make them even better sellers. Join this discussion to learn how to roll video out to your sales team in a way that will maximize adoption and long-term success. Hear from global businesses like Thryv and Zoetis on how they're approaching change management, rep training, and sales enablement for the use of video. Bring your questions and walk away prepared to make video a core part of your sales culture in 2021.