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Video Prospecting

Prospecting with Video: How to Get the Attention You Deserve

Using personalized videos for outbound prospecting is one of the hottest topics in the virtual sales world. Lots of SDRs and AEs are now doing it, but what does it really take to stand out and see some big results? What types of videos are helping reps book more meetings, and what are the top trends for success as we roll into 2021?

Join this discussion with three real sellers (and one fake seller / real marketer) who are all using video to skyrocket their response rates and book more meetings with key accounts. Learn what types of videos they're creating, when they infuse them into their outbound cadences, and how they're scaling their use of video using repeatable templates and pre-recorded content. Whether you're new to video prospecting or a seasoned pro, discover what's really working and how you can do it now.