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On-Camera Tips

How to Genuinely Feel Confident, Be Likable, and Build Trust on Camera

One year ago, Liz was someone who viewed being asked to film as a form of severe punishment. She preferred to be considered a writer first, felt awkward on camera, and often joked she had “a face for radio.”

Fast forward to today, Liz now leads IMPACT’s video program, which includes filming up to three videos every single week for use on their website, on YouTube, and in the sales process. Not only do these videos get big results, she loves filming now. So, what changed?

In this brutally honest, secret sauce-filled talk, learn the real story of how Liz overcame her crippling fear of being on camera, her favorite battle-tested techniques for creating super engaging educational videos, and her behind-the-scenes strategies for being more confident AND likable on camera.

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