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Humanizing Sales

Bringing the Human Back to Sales: How to Use Social, Video and More to Truly Humanize Sales

Digital-first selling can help you become more personal, human, transparent, and trustworthy than ever before. Wait... what?!? Yes, we're in the midst of a paradox in the world of B2B sales, and with it comes a unique opportunity to gain mindshare and grow revenue faster than ever. You just need to let go of that old mentality that 'sales' is all about the 'meetings'.

Digital platforms like social media, video conferencing, and even email have long been used (and abused) by sellers to support their customer engagement strategies. But what happens when these technologies become your primary modes of attracting new prospects, showcasing buyer empathy, and earning their trust? What can happen when everyone in the revenue team embraces a digital-first approach to building their online brands, demonstrating their expertise, and connecting with buyers in ways that are radically transparent and empathetic? Find out in this not-to-be-missed discussion with some of the top minds in modern digital selling.