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Virtual Prospecting

Prospecting in a Virtual World: Keys to Success

Prospecting has always been a challenge even for the best sellers. But with in-person opportunities eliminated due to COVID, prospecting has become that much more difficult. Many sellers are struggling to generate meetings and fill their pipeline in the new sales landscape. In this presentation, Tai Scrivener, Senior Consultant at RAIN Group, will share a proven approach for prospecting success in a virtual world. You’ll learn the tactics and techniques of the best prospectors so you can break through the noise to secure meetings with your buyers.

You'll learn:
- How to develop a compelling value proposition to get decision makers to meet with you
- Keys to implementing a proven, multi-touch prospecting sequence that breaks through to even the busiest buyers
- The methods buyers prefer and are most likely to respond to
- How many touches it takes to generate a meeting with your targets
- The core email framework that works time and again