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Sales Leaders

Relevant, Resilient, and irResistible: How to Lead and Empower Your Sales Team in the New Normal

It's a difficult time to be a B2B sales rep. Budgets are drying up, face-to-face meetings are gone, and many are hearing ""no"" more than ever at a time when they lack the support of a local team to bring them back up. Gone unchecked, these issues can lead to low morale, missed quotas, and desperation selling. Or, you can flip the problem on its head and embrace the new normal as an opportunity to transform how your team sells, and how you empower them to be productive!

Join Lisa and Kathleen for an open discussion on the biggest challenges facing sales leaders and enablement teams right now. More than just a 'Sales Support Group', learn how to tackle these issues head-on through the right training, the strategic use of video, and a focus on making your sales team relevant, resilient, and irresistible to clients in a time of crisis.