Fast Forward is your chance to get ahead with your video strategy. Hear from the brightest minds in the industry to learn more about selling, marketing, and thriving with video in our new digital reality.

Content Marketing

What if you could increase your customer acquisition AND speed up the rate of new sales? You can do both when video is an active part of your content marketing strategy.

In this session, you’ll learn proven secrets for building video into your inbound marketing campaigns. We’ll also cover the building blocks of trust through video, how human faces and familiarity done right can speed up the sales process, and the critical connection points you need to establish in your sales and marketing funnel in order to drive leads from video.

Bonus: This session features a real-life B2B case study from HubSpot Hacks, a popular B2B tutorial series for HubSpot users worldwide with more than 3.9M impressions and 500+ TOFU leads since its inception.