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Playbook for Smarter Prospecting

Quality, Kindness, and Value: A New Playbook for Smarter Prospecting

The spray-and-pray method of outbound prospecting is a thing of the past. Laying down a ground cover with kindness, authenticity, and value is what creates real connections and earns us the right to make the hard ask. But how do we shift to this new method of strategic prospecting? What’s the actual playbook to building a foundation of trust and earning the right to ask for a meeting?

Join the legendary James Buckley to learn how to optimize your outreach by laying down this social ground cover with a small cohort of targeted prospects. Learn how to engage and provide consistent value over a short period of time; then break through the noise by choosing the right message and the right channel to ask for the conversation. Walk away with loads of new inspiration and an actual playbook for earning trust in a digital-first world