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Creativity in Sales

Unlocking Creativity in Sales: STAHP the Shitty Outreach!

Your “just bubbling this to the top of your inbox” emails need to stop. Like immediately. Really. STAHP it!! The key to unlocking success in modern prospecting is not persistence and repetition, but standing out from all the lookalikes with outreach that is interesting, engaging, and just plain irresistible! During this session we'll reveal how some of the best sellers have unlocked creativity to earn attention and radically boost their response rates.

From completely off-the-wall ideas, to keeping it very simple in the sales process, we'll show you real-world, cost-effective examples that you can implement immediately. Learn how sellers at Gong, Leadfeeder, and members of The Sales Rebellion aren’t just bubbling up to the top of your inbox, but are smashing their sales targets through creative selling.