Fast Forward is your chance to get ahead with your video strategy. Hear from the brightest minds in the industry to learn more about selling, marketing, and thriving with video in our new digital reality.

Digital-First Selling

Digital-First Means Using Zoom and Sending More Emails

What a time to be alive in B2B Sales and Marketing! While we all have countless challenges facing us every day, we also have an incredible opportunity to stand out and grab market share.

Why is that? Because most of your competitors still haven't fully adapted to a sales and marketing world that's truly digital-first, and that puts buyers at the center of everything they do. They still sell the way they want to sell rather than the way people want to buy, and they think digital-first sales and marketing means doing Zoom calls, sending more emails, and spending more money on digital ads.

So what will it take to stand out in 2021? What does embracing a digital-first, buyer-centric approach to sales and marketing really mean? And what role will video play in helping you build relationships, earn trust, and create a sense of urgency in a virtual world? Find out in this opening keynote as we kick off Fast Forward, and 2021, in style.