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Why Outbound Isn’t Working

Why Outbound Isn’t Working for 82% of Companies & How to Fix It

Is WFH and shorter attention spans the reason why 82% of companies’ outbound strategies aren’t working? Or has Sales and Sales Development been trending this way for a while, and COVID only accelerated the trend for companies just getting by?

In this session, Jake Dunlap will talk about the real reasons why outbound isn’t working and how teams can shift their strategy and mindset to get more quality at-bats in 2022.

Jake will cover:
- The results from 1500+ salespeople about why their struggling
- Why more emails, more calls, more activities, etc. do not mean more meetings
- Ways Sales can use content (without being a prolific writer) in their outbound strategy
- Tips on how Sales can start fixing their outbound problem ASAP